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About GLUE

GLUE is a growing network of young leaders in cities who are devoted to the revitalization of cities around the Great Lakes mega-region.  GLUE was developed in the fall of 2007 as a forum for people to exchange stories, ideas, and best practices between otherwise isolated cities ranging from Buffalo to St. Louis to Minneapolis. The GLUE coalition, comprised of post-boomer urbanists located in the “rustbelt,” was founded to promote the power, aide in the positive transformation, and address the shared challenges of similarly-storied older industrial cities situated in the Great Lakes watershed.

GLUE’s mission is:

  • To bolster regional identity amongst older industrial urban centers in the American Great Lakes region by connecting the people who love them to each other;
  • To advocate for policies that promote sustainable and equitable growth for Great Lakes cities;
  • To serve as a gateway of engagement for city-lovers who seek to participate in revitalization conversations and efforts;
  • To facilitate inter-city and cross-sector conversations among the change agents around the region to empower their work and the propagation of their good ideas; and
  • To turn curious, casual city devotees into empowered, engaged change agents.

GLUE’s other current projects include a journalistic partnership to document the work of the Living Cities American City agenda in Cleveland; the I Will Stay If… campaign, an effort to elevate the voices of residents about what they want from their city; and the Urban Innovations Guidebook, a forthcoming, in-depth look at ten great ideas that are changing Great Lakes cities.

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