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Why Urban Laboratories?

May 10, 2010

The theme of this year’s conference, “Great Lakes Cities: Urban Laboratories,” was chosen to reflect members’ interest in demonstrating that the cities of the Rust Belt have become ground zero for rethinking what cities can be.  The vacant land of our cities has become room for new types of urban farms, the neighborhood associations venues for real advocacy, the building stock are places to experiment with creative reuse, and the small businesses a sea change in economic development.  In Great Lakes cities, people are committed to a new urban vision of equity and sustainability, and GLUE’s members want to share in the experiments of that new vision.


Save the Date

May 9, 2010

Now that GLUE is almost three years old, we’re starting to feel like a precocious toddler: always asking questions, crawling around exploring things, and providing family a reason to get together and watch us get cake on our face.  Only in this case, “family” refers to the mega-regional family of thinkers and do-ers who are changing our Great Lakes cities, and “watch us get cake on our face” means, “share ideas and best practices for reinventing our Rust Belt homes.”  Make sense?

It will, at GLUE’s 3rd annual conference, which will be held this July 15 through July 17, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Save the date, and look for more information in the coming days.